Please review the guidelines and know that this scale is intended to be a starting point, inviting each of us to take inventory of our financial resources and look deeper at our levels of privilege. It is a way to work towards economic justice on a local level. It asks us to deeply evaluate and consider more than just income level. While we ask you to take these factors into consideration, please don’t stress about it. Pay what feels right. We will not ask questions or quiz you on your payment choices.


Consider paying less on the scale if you:

  • are a person who experiences discrimination and/or violence related to systematic oppression

  • have medical expenses not covered by insurance

  • have medical expenses, been denied work, or experience discrimination related to ableism

  • are eligible for public assistance

  • have immigration-related expenses

  • are a sex worker who experiences occupational discrimination (personal or legislative)

  • are an unpaid community organizer

  • are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history

  • are supporting children, family members in need or have other dependents

  • are an elder with limited financial support


Consider paying more on the scale if you:

  • own the home you live in

  • have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money

  • travel recreationally

  • have access to family money and resources in times of need

  • work part-time by choice


 Sliding Scale Codes:


SLIDINGSCALE15 (15% off)






We do acknowledge that the low end of the scale might still not be affordable for some. Please understand that we are offering a model that we feel is sustainable for us as a small business. Flower Me Good operates as a product-based business which is a departure from some of the businesses that we adapted this model from. We may need to adjust this with limits on usage per month or +/- to percentages offered to reflect this. We consider this a work in progress. 

*Sliding scale description adapted from Vollgas Studio and Ritual Dyes.