Flower Me Good is an effort of dedication and discernment: Holistic skin care made with a synergy of the very best fruit butters, rich natural oils and prime aromatics. No product is complete until it satisfies all the senses, inspires imaginative relaxation and provides the very best level of care we can formulate. Flower Me Good wants everybody to have resilient, radiant, balanced skin using formulas that work in harmony with your skin's delicate microbiome in mind. 


Healthy skin may be our goal, but how we get there is important too. We strive to provide the most environmentally-sound packaging and shipping: insisting on either highly recyclable or rapidly biodegradable containers. 



Mission Statement

Our products use the best known ingredients, formulated with modern methodology resulting in a luxurious experience while preserving the vital plant medicine, ensuring a fair wage to all parties and delivering unmatched skincare results. Our combinations elevate the plant essences, spark curiosity and help the plant share its wisdom, essence and vitality. Flower Me Good was born from community outreach and as we grow we intend to multiply and focus the efforts of entrepreneurs, educators and creators from under-represented backgrounds.


Diversity & Inclusion

We are rooted in diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity while putting a spotlight on ethnicities often excluded. Our brand strives to create skincare essentials  for all regardless of race, sexual orientation, body size, gender or ability.

We strive to be culturally inviting, ethically potent and functionally powerful for all of our community.

Cultural inclusivity is important to us, but financial inclusivity is also something we take seriously. We offer sliding scale pricing to our community because we want to make sure that there is accessibility to our product line for everyone. 

Please refer to our Sliding Scale page for more


About Founder


I was nine years old, when, one lazy summer morning, a time-worn book about herbalism seemed to smile at me. Once opened, the pages of the book yielded elegant vintage drawings and tenderly written descriptions. I quickly noticed that most of these plants grew nearby; this was not just academic: I could harvest these and make medicines!

Plant medicine had me enrapt; my love of herbs never abated and in another few years I would begin my formal training. Herbalism would take me to booming production herb farms teeming with workers and churning out products, but would also require extended periods deep in the silent and secluded forests of the West Coast. From Joshua Tree to Snoqualmie and all the valleys and plateaus in their neighborhood.

Founding Flower Me Good has allowed me to offer products of power, grace and profound value to all people. My plant-powered formulations of artisan oils allow me to share the full breadth of my herbal knowledge to maintain excellent skin health, the part of our bodies where we interact with the world most frequently and most aggressively. 

My name is Nesrine and I made Flower Me Good for us. All of us. I hope you feel welcome here.